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Alex was born in 1980, in Zaanstad, Holland. Living in Portugal since he was three years old, Alex had the first contact with Dance Music events in the late 1997. In these occasions, he had the opportunity to see live performances, of some of the best Portuguese & International Techno Djs & Producers. Some of these artists had particularly Alex admiration, for there technique, musical taste, professionalism, and even became his musical influences. Names like Adam Beyer, The Advent, Jeff Mills or Dave Clarke, as well the Portuguese artists DJ Ze Mig-L, XL Garcia, A.Paul and Huma-noyd, were very important for Alex, because he had found on their live-sets and feelings, something which he identified with himself. Techno! Minimal, Straight and Pure Techno. In the meantime, by developing is knowledge trough computer software audio programs, Alex tested his feelings and soon felt that Techno was becoming part of his life. In 2002, Alex won a contest trough a Portuguese TV Channel, which the first price was a full DJ course, powered by Danceplanet with Dj Ze Mig-L as teacher/trainer. It was funny and curious, because he had the chance to learn Djing with someone that he always admired as a Djing & Techno lover. In 2004, Alex as finished another course, this time for Djing & Producer, the Dance Music Master Diploma, powered by Dancefloor Network & ETIC. In 2005, Alex and his friend AndrÈ Bandeira (Flag) have created an event promoter called '' Supreme Sound '', and started promoting Techno events at the time. Alex had the opportunity to performe along-side some of the best Portuguese and Internacional Techno artists. In 2009, Alex was invited to join Lusitek Agency, in order to be part of its artist roster, adding functions of general manager alonside with his partner Daniel In·cio. In the end of 2013, Alex left the Lusitek Agency project. In 2015, Stereo Box Records has born. A project that he founded alongside with his friend AndrÈ Bandeira, meeting back together after 10 years.