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Charisma and versatility are his biggest strengths, Luís “XL” Garcia is a pioneer in the Portuguese electronic dance music scene, and has seen music hype come and go. What does he do? He plays and stands for the best music, not knowing stylistic and genre boundaries and favouriting performance over confetti. He’s the true music lover, prefers long sets and he’ll play generously as if he was on that dancefloor, side by side with ravers. XL Garcia grew up among jazz and blues, and started playing in the vinyl days. Played in all, now legendary, clubs like Kremlin, Cais 447, Rocks, and many more, and from 1994 on as a freelance DJ he played big events and festivals like Castelo de Monsaraz, Neptunus, Olá Love To Dance, Vilar de Mouros and Rock In Rio. �XL Garcia was invited to select and mix various compilation CDs over the course of his career and has sonic signature on "Neptunus", "Solid", "X-Club 4th Anniversary", "X-Club 5th Anniversary”, and also on "Pure Elements Of House" e "Olá Love To Dance”, as Big Louie G. After an XL Garcia performance people will utter “Last night a DJ saved my life”.