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Dexx started his carreer professionally in 1999 but is bound with music started way berfore. Originally from Lisbon, Dexx fell in love for vinyl at a very young age because of his parents that were music collectors. In 1997 he bought is first set of turntables and since then he¥s been walking alongise House, Tech House and Techno. From North to South, Dexx as played at many venues and events since the mytical Alc‚ntara Clube, to W, Coconuts or Duna Beach. At this moment, Dexx as a residency at the most kown and underground clube of Portugal, Kremlin, where he shares the booth with the dj¥s in the world. Dexx as a side project also, Stand & Relax, that just released it¥s firt track at Plastik Galaxy.