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Paulo Moreno was born in Lisbon. Music and entertaining has always been present in his life for many years. His first contact with a mixer was in 2005, but wasn't until 2008 that his DJ career took off… It all began in London where he played at some of the biggest clubs and events in the capital. In 2011 Paulo moved permanently to London and in just a short period of time landed gigs at some of the capitals biggest clubs, including Fire, Área, Heaven, Club No65, Union, Egg, Coronet, and Summer Rites festival to name just a few. London wasn’t the only place Paulo's sound was in demand, 2012 saw Paulo booked to play in Mexico and Bruxels. Paulo's sound is a blend of Tech House and Techno which you can hear on his regular feature inside Soundcloud. 2012 looks set to be a big year, having begun to learn the ropes of production, there is also many exciting gigs lined up including a new residency with the world famous Heaven nightclub where he stayed until the beginning of 2018 and Club No.65 where he stayed for 6 years at one the the most famous after hours party in the capital. In 2016 Paulo moved back to his home country and soon got invited to play at one of the best underground club in Lisbon, Kremlin NightClub, with was the kick start to some other gigs in the Portuguese capital. In the last few years Paulo shared the dj both with some famous names of the universal dance music scene like: Dennis Ferrer, Steve Lawler, Mendo, Prok and Fitch, Hobo to name just a few.