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Djing is not a business for kids Tell us the time that the ancient wisdom inherited to this day, which over time has allowed man to overcome their individual capacities. "Unity is strength" tells us that in the limit of the trial, there is something to add to the research when you add 1 +1 (= 2). WiseGuys is the latest project of two men of music, whose practice on the dance floor to party dates back the most erudite of classical Greece or the avant-garde records of the Giza pyramids. Like Yin and Yang are part of each other, on the difference of the additional balance, WiseGuys are part of what must have met on the dance floor. At sites where the mirror ball show us the immensity of the dance floor that have not yet discovered, they know it in detail. Be Wise. If the negotiation is more muscular, they play more rhythm. If the problem is more definitive, they drop down minimal basslines. After them come the problems cease to exist. Their job is to solve your problem, bass, mid, high, rhythm, or lack of it ...